So guess what, I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas!  Woot!  I've been eyeing e-readers for a while but for a long time I just wasn't willing to shell out the cash for them.  We also had an iPad so I figured I could just read books on that.  That makes sense, right?  Except for the one small thing I had forgotten… between Chance and Keen I NEVER get the iPad long enough to read something like a book! 

Geez, mom, what we're you thinking?  You don't need no stinking devices.

(That was my son, in case you were wondering. I don't refer to myself in the third-person "mommy" nomenclature because that is just another step towards the slippery slope of cat lady. I bet you didn't know that.)

Anyway, as most of you techy types know e-readers came down in price so I finally felt OK about asking for one.  And guess what again?  I'm not gonna share it!  It's mine, bitches!  (OK, maybe Keen will get to look at it occassionally. Only if he behaves.)

Anyway (part two), now that I have a Kindle I had a spectacular idea!  I'm going to teach myself to knit! Actually I used to know how to knit and I still remember how to do the stitches but I don't know how to cast on or bind off and those seem rather crucial.  I keep meaning to go over to my mom's house for a lesson but we've talked about that about twenty times over the last couple years and I still haven't done it. I don't want to do anything too fancy with knitting, just basic scarves and blankets (straight lines, people. As we saw with my attempt to learn how to sew that was rather a spectacular failure).  I've also been wanting to work on this idea for necklace/neck warmers that has knit or leather for the back of the neck and jewelry elements in front.  Because in the winter I really need to keep my neck warm but I can't stand turtle necks; my back neck muscles will cramp from the cold but the front of my neck is sensitive because of my thyroid.  It's an issue.  So this idea is rather a scarf/jewelry combo, not as bulky but still stylish.  (And rest assured even though I can't sew worth beans I CAN make jewelry.)  So once this brilliant idea occurred to me I went on my Kindle and downloaded Knitting for Dummies for $.89!  And you thought a Kindle was just for reading! Well, yeah I guess I am using it for reading but that's not… wait, I'm confusing myself.  The point is I expect a whole new realm of activity all because of my Kindle! 

And you all thought electronics would make inert slaves of us all!  Ha ha ha!