So Battlestar Gallactica comes back tonight!  Oh my god oh my god oh my god!  I am currently bouncing around like a kid on the worst crack-sugar-Wii high EVER.  I've played it cool for most of the day but… we're getting close now and I JUST CANT STAND IT! 

Squeal.  Girly hands.

I'm gushing here on the blog because my husband does not watch the series.  Yeah, I know.  But I figure HE can put up with ME because he watches way too much car affiliated sports AND I have not dragged him to any chick films this year.  (Except for Juno, for which he thanked me.) (Was that this year or last?) 

Anyway.  'Cause the thing is you can totally be a girl who likes shoes and lipstick and reads intellectually and is also a major sci-fi nerd.  Most people think this cannot be, but I am telling you it can.  I know a good purse and I know some damn good sci-fi when I see it!  Even my drum teacher, who is always laughing at me, says "You're such an English nerd, but then you're not." I think at the time I was stomping around swearing about getting too old to be putting up with any shit or some such fuck shit damn thing.  But the thing is DO NOT BE FOOLED… English nerds can totally kick ass.  I mean, seriously, how do you think all those librarians keep everyone in line?

And the sci-fi nerds like me?  Well, we might be taking some kick boxing too.

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