Well, it’s official.  I’ve got a cold.  It’s my own fault; I got cocky.  See, so far I’ve managed to fight off all bouts of the sniffles, headaches, and preliminary aches and pains; got a little extra rest and fluids each time and that killed it.  I had one sinus infection but you know those, once you get the antibiotics you’re good to go.  And the kid also has only been officially sick two times since he was born.  So I was overconfident.  I was brash.  I’ve been around all sorts of sickies thinking, “Hey I’m invincible, I’ve got the best immune system in the world ‘cause I haven’t gotten sick once, woo hoo!” 

See how karma bites you in the ass for being smug?  (dorkgirl)  Now my face feels like a swarm of imps are kicking me from the inside out.  Luckily, Chance seems to be doing fine.  I’d really like to be sleeping but I’ve also got a work deadline.  So meet my new best friends: heavy medication.            – wg