Word is there is a huge rally happening tomorrow in Sacramento at the California State Capitol Building to protest the discrimination being written into our state constitution with the passing of Prop 8. I wish I could be there. The California Supreme Court will also hear challenges to Prop 8 and I read that there should be a decision no later than June. (I’ve also heard that lots of folks are hoping the court will rule before Obama’s inauguration, but I’m not holding my breath it will be that fast or simple.)

I’ve felt remiss for not blogging more about Prop 8, but the truth is I was just too depressed about it passing. (And then I got sick and I was even more depressed.) To me this is a civil rights issue, plain and simple. Discrimination, no matter how “innocently” (i.e. passive-aggressively) it’s phrased, no matter what tactics are used to get it passed, is still discrimination. Targeting one group over another is discriminatory, regardless of how you build or justify your opinion. Not that I’m bashing anyone who holds an opinion different to mine. This is MY soapbox but I respect that everyone has the right to their own viewpoint. I just don’t want one group of individuals to force me to have their viewpoint.

The other reason I held back on writing is I wanted to wade through the slew of after-shock reactions and protest plans (some of them very knee-jerk) to find which were the real and positive calls to action. Many of us have seen the online petitions circulating and so on – I’ve even signed them – but are those going to do much to help change things legally? No. I was also really saddened to hear that some churches were being targeted and defaced in the aftermath. Even if some people voted a particular way because of their religious views, that doesn’t mean we should turn around and bash churches. It’s just not cool, and it’s fighting disrespect with more disrespect. (Plus, I know none of you know this, but I was an altar girl for nearly ten years, and youth group president at one point, thank you very much.)

So here is some real info for those who want to get involved. The website to go to for info, news updates, events, and where you can sign up to help is Equality California. (I’ve already signed up to help gather signatures if and when it is needed. It feels good.)  And for the rally tomorrow…

Unity in Diversity

Peaceful Outreach and Rally

Saturday, November 22

2:00 p.m.

California State Capital

West Steps


Let’s do this the right way, people. Peace out!
             – the weirdgirl