You know, I’m not one of those gushy, place the state of my
whole love relationship on the weight of one day, Valentines means everything
kind of girls. Neither am I in the hates
the over-commercialized, trumped up holiday with a burning passion camp. I actually have some warm and fuzzy feelings
for Valentine’s Day. Mainly because of
nostalgic memories from grade school – excitedly decorating shoe-boxes with
stickers and paper lace, then going through the cheap drugstore cards,
carefully reading each one – yes, I think it’s all a little sweet. Seeing a child’s scrawled handwriting on a
Valentine’s day card… that gets me every time. (What? I can be sappy every once in a while!) It doesn’t hurt that mine and Keen’s first
date anniversary falls in early February, too. And yes, we did celebrate it (don’t gag – we “lived in sin” so long
before getting married it was the only anniversary we had) but we always
wrapped it in with Valentine’s Day and (at least in recent years) kept it
pretty low-key. I get chocolate, Keen
gets sour candies, nice dinner, swap “I love you’s”, etc. etc.

But there is, however, ONE THING I have never understood
about Valentine’s Day. I fully
acknowledge that it is a made-up holiday. I actually don’t have a problem with that. (It’s kind of like Secretary’s Day – there
are some folks who just need a little nudging.) But why, OH WHY, would Hallmark pick February, smack in the middle of
cold and flu season, for its holiday?!

Commence Valentine snuggling…

“Oh baby, I love you…”
Kiss kiss smooch… cough
“Oh yeah, honey, right there…”
“You know how I like it…”
Kiss…. COUGH! hack cough cough
“Have I told you how hot you are?”
Kiss, snuggle
Cough cough cough
“Wait, I need a cough drop… hi, I’m back!” 
kiss kiss smooch grapple
“Oh, oh yeah baby…” 
“Hey, can we flip? I
think I’ll be able to breathe better if I can drain.”
Smooch snuggle… haaa-aack cough cough
“I’ve been thinking about you all day…”
Kiss kiss grapple grapple grapple
Cough cough…AaaacKKK! 
“Are you OK?”
“Yeah, I just choked on my cough drop.”

Hacking up a lung. SO
not sexy.

(Don’t worry, it ended well.)

Happy Love and Commitment Every Day.   – wg