I could not post last night due to application issues! Grrrr snarl Here’s my state of mind from last night.  (I am marginally improved this morning, but not much or I would feel up to writing something new.) 

Dec. 20th  11:30 pm

Once again, I am braindead.  Damnit, that seems to happen a lot!  My stamina has just been down the tubes lately (and I’ve been refraining from popping Sudafeds to keep me awake – oh, college days I miss you).  I’m getting old, old, old.  Can I ask for my energy and my old waistline back for Christmas?  (No?  Well, then piss off Santa!  What did you ever do for me?!  Oh, did I say that out loud?  Shit.  Think nice thoughts, nice.)

Anyways, I did want to mention a couple of things.  For those of you who know Adventure Dad and his Foxy Wife it may behoove you to visit Sandriux.  There is a little announcement! 

And for a funnier-than-shit list of Christmas MUST HAVES, check out the Phoenix’s latest post.  Seriously.  Gals, ever had that desire to pee standing up?  Better than Dave Barry’s list.            – wg