I just found out that we have termites swarming… In. Our. House!  It’s been storming really heavy over the last few days, alternating with sunny patches, and the fucking bugs started swarming.  They’re getting into our sunroom.  To, you know, swarm.  IN MY SUNROOM!

I’m so grossed out.  I’m pretty good about bugs overall; I’m not afraid of them or anything.  I can handle spiders and bees and worms.  I try not to kill them, because I just think killing living creatures in general is bad karma (wg, you fucking hippie).  Even after that time I took a swig of water in the middle of the night and a spider washed into my mouth, I still pick up most bugs and take them outside.  (I did have to consciously repress that memory, though.  It was just creepy. And I was pregnant at the time.) 

But there are certain bugs that REALLY skeeve me out.


They’re just fucking disgusting.  And mosquitos are pretty gross, too.

I’ve got exterminators coming tomorrow morning.  Now I need to go huddle in the bathroom and feel vaguely nauseous.  FUCK!
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