This is gonna be one of those mish-mash posts because I’ve
kind of been in a tizzy. Actually, I was
really in a tizzy last week, and then it peaked, and now I am in the downward
slope of the tizzy. If tizzies have
slopes. Which I believe they do. (It’s probably a mark of my (insidious) marketing
background that I sometimes picture my various states of being in terms of
graphs. Probably not a good thing. But visually easy to read!) Last week was the week Chance started
preschool, which was both more and less painful than I thought it would
be. I was also coordinating going back
into an actual office, regularly, for the first in three years – but only one
day a week.  I’m not nuts; I haven’t
missed going into an office, I work part time, and if it isn’t absolutely
necessary for me to be there why would I go in? Right? Right.  (It’s
the end of the world…) And of course,
I’m attending Blogher and the combination of the three was really freaking me
out. Mainly the going to
Blogher/starting preschool thing.  I felt
like… it’s bad enough to drop my kid into this new environment where he feels
abandoned, and then I’m taking off for the first time away. Double abandonment = double guilt.

But anyways, that was the peak. Now I’m getting excited.  (Like a virgin… sorry, I seem to be having an
80s day.)  Oh, and here is the requisite


BlogHer '07 I'm

I know most people put these buttons up ages ago but I’ve
got a whole lot of blog maintenance to do that I’m behind on and I don’t see
why the Blogher button should be any different. I also really need to update my blog links. A few of my favorite bloggers seem to have
closed up shop. This saddens me
greatly. I’m not going to say who yet,
‘cause I’m still hoping they’ll come back.

Sometimes denial is a happy place.

Oh, an announcement!  (Wow, can you say mood swing?)  I,
spurred by the “encouragement” from management to come back into the office,
have made a decision! I’m not buying any
more business clothes. They’re boring
and I don’t like ‘em. Except for the
basics, like a great pencil skirt or jacket (hopefully with some nice retro
lines), I’m going to take my cheap tops with the cute detailing from Forever 21
and make them work. Maybe work in some
nice punk distressed looks with the tailored slacks. Or dress up the jeans all fashionista-like.  Management will just have to roll. I tried. I tried putting together one of the basic shirt and slack combos with
sensible shoes that I used to (have to) wear in the office all the time. Just. Couldn’t. Do it. At this point in my life, I am beyond the

This makes me happy.          – wg