1. Nightlights all over the house – how did I live without these before?
  2. Tivo – duh, it should be mentioned in baby manuals
  3. convenience food – can it be microwaved? then I love you (except for breakfast, no junk at breakfast only healthy stuff, otherwise it just fucks me up all day)
  4. Play With Me Sesame
  5. the TV channel Noggin in the morning (see number 4)
  6. hula hoop – you may laugh but my waist has come back
  7. cloth diapers used as burp rags – I often catch myself wearing them as an accessory in public; the trend should catch on any day now
  8. the feedings/diapers journal – this one is not so cool but I can’t seem to stop
  9. “quiet time” (even if it means I go without sleep to get it)
  10. Dreft detergent – that stuff works on everything, no more drycleaning!
  11. reading other peoples’ blogs
  12. camera – I am a walking stereotype
  13. my nemesis: damn chocolate-covered pretzels! – fucking things are like chocolate cocaine… oh wait, I was addicted to those before                 – the weirdgirl