Three things that take me back to childhood:

1. The morning sun bouncing off pavement

2. Sitting on the grass until that last edge of dusk before night falls

3. Those stretches where the land overlaps with development – the railroad tracks, the hidden alleys behind houses, a string of auto shops built next to farmland.  Shortcuts the kids made where the sidewalks are dirt and the grass and wildflowers push up along the fences and at the edge of roads.  (Even driving by a stretch like that reminds me.)

Three things that take me back to highschool:

1. I Wanna Be Sedated, The Ramones

2. That one week that occurs somewhere around the end of January and early February where the rain and cold stop briefly and the sun comes out.  It’s warm and gorgeous and it’s a brief false spring before the rain resumes.  (This week always seemed to happen during finals; half school-days, relief of pressure, and then beautiful days to boot.)

3. Toyota Camrys in light metallic blue or that rust color

This is not a meme per se but I thought it was fun (plus I saw one of these things and it sent me back – you have to guess which one).  So no tagging, but if anyone would like to post the things that take them back I’d love to read them!  I’d also like to share with you two new bloggers I’ve been enjoying.  Please meet DangerPop and CoffeeBetsy.   

               – the weirdgirl