I meant to write another post yesterday to make up for my
Britney mutilation squawk but, I don’t know, yesterday (and maybe today too,
we’ll see) was one of those strange dreary days that sap the energy out of you
before you even begin. It was just all
around odd and seemed to hit everyone. Chance was having an off day. I
fell asleep for an unplanned hour and a half (so, yeah, there are several
checkmarks missing from my ToDo list). Keen was tired. Just weird. Those weird times seem to happen in runs.   

Speaking of which, I got an email this morning about a job
position (wanker “sales” pyramid scheme, that is) with a mention that they “saw
my resume on hotjobs,” and my first thought was, “I have a resume posted on
hotjobs?!” I checked and sure enough
there it was… from 2002! (zoinks)  According to that resume I am still working
for my last startup that folded in… 2002. I must have posted it before the shut-down occurred. Maybe it’s time to update that. (And in another five years I might get
another emailed job offer. Woo hoo! What
a system!)

I guess this was a good semester to take off from
school. (Oh yeah, did I tell you all
that I’m a grad school drop out? At
least temporarily. I’m “finding myself”
this semester and finally writing that novel. Slacker.) According to this
news article
faculty members at our State Universities might be going on
strike over (mainly) salary disputes. Frankly, I don’t blame them. Our
state system has a really bad history of hiring a lot of the teachers as part
time contract positions. This keeps costs down for the university but the
teachers lose out on security, benefits, hours, etc. About half of the faculty earn less than $43,000 a year. Which is probably fine in most other states
but here? Well, you all have heard me
bitch about the housing market. (Here’s
a story one of my professors dished: my alma mater at one time had the privilege
of having Adrienne Rich,
the poet, as a faculty member. She wanted to teach in the state university
system. Eventually they lost her to Stanford because my school simply would not
hire her full-time so that she could receive medical benefits. What a frickin waste.)

Though, I am kind of hoping that if there is a strike there
will be a “call to arms” to the students so I can go down and support my
teachers. (It’s that closet socialist
part of me.)

I also have to get back into the house-hunting swing. It feels like all I’ve seen lately are great
houses in the wrong areas or “nice” houses that aren’t family friendly (i.e.
bedrooms converted to living space that can’t be converted back easily). Still waiting on a crop of new houses to come
up but I know it will be soon. Will you
all keep your fingers crossed for me? I
am really burnt out on open houses.

Here’s hoping any oddness passes you by.         – the weirdgirl

P.S. Is it just me or are Laurie Berkner’s songs starting to suck?