There has been a new guest appearance in our household recently.  It popped up so suddenly I really didn’t expect it.  I call it… the attitude.  It’s a steely eyed gaze and stubborn jaw I now see occasionally on my baby, cold and unforgiving.  I get the distinct impression, as I’ve trying to spoon a glop of pureed baby mush into my child’s mouth, that he’s thinking, “Mom, exactly who the fuck do you think you are?  I’m not eating that crap.”  I blame it on all the medication.  Geez… you wrestle a baby down three times a day for 7-10 days and they suddenly act like you’re untrustworthy. 

Now in general, I’ll be the first to say that we’ve been extremely lucky.  Chance started sleeping through the night at a pretty early stage, he’s generally a happy child, and he’s really only been officially sick two times.  Of course, there’s been the periods of fussiness or slight sniffles, but they never lasted too long (even if during the episodes it feels like they last forever).  For the most part he’s been a smiley little bugger.

But now… but now… *sigh* 

Premonitions of the terrible twos are haunting me.  I suppose this is what happens when two strong-willed people mate, huh?              – the weirdgirl