HA!  I have made all my deadlines!  If you could see me, you would see me shaking my sickly fist in the general direction of all deadline related items (they come from the land of Murphy).  Now the defiant fist is lowering but still quivering… and now the fist has given up altogether out of exhaustion.  *cough cough* 

You get the general idea.

OK, I was a tad late on my personal deadline, but since that’s personal no one is going to hold it against me, right?  And I was only late by a day.  On the upside I am far ahead of schedule on all work deadlines. 

On the flipside, I have several ideas percolating for blog posts.  See how useful work can be sometime?  I am also terribly behind on my favorite blog reading.  Apologies to everyone, I will attempt to catch up. 

BTW, no need to point out the self-induced pressure and stress… I already know about it.   

Man, I need a nap.         – the weirdgirl