No more TV.  I mean
it.  Except for Battlestar Galactica and So You Think You Can Dance (of course).  And all the wholesome children’s programming from
which I have no escape.  In my mind I’m
having productivity issues and I’m wondering what would happen if I just stop
spacing out in the evenings watching crap
(because really is there much on right now that isn’t crap) – ‘cause what I try
to do, see, is put off certain activities that need some quiet time, such as
work, until the evening when I know everyone will be asleep but then I’m tired
and I have the TV on and its constant babbling is SO SOOTHING that I end up staring
at it, with maybe a little drool tinkling down my chin gently like a meditation
fountain, until it has sucked up 2-3 hours easy.

It occurred to me tonight, as I first watched Material Girls (gack!) before channel
surfing and then landing at the old standby Adult Swim, that maybe I should
just shut off the TV.  And then I wouldn’t hear it anymore.  And maybe I could do something else.

Yeah, I’m bright like that.

It also occurred to me tonight that whenever I sit down for “just
a minute” to unwind and get my energy back… that I never get any energy back at
all.  I just get more tired.  What’s up with that?

I’m also really tired of whining on my blog.  Because it feels like that’s all I’m doing.  (I’m tired, I’m sick again, I’m not pregnant,
wah wah wah.)

(If I stop being hard on myself I really WILL just watch
crappy TV all the time, you know?)

So if I replace my “wind down” time in front of the TV with
a quick workout do you think that will help get some energy back?  Any good “pick me up” suggestions?

Take that, rut!  And
your sweaty butt groove, too! 

                 – wg


P.S. I registered for BlogHer ‘08!  Yay!

P.P.S. Wait… Ghosthunters.
 I will
keep watching Ghosthunters.  Just keeping
it honest.