So I don't DO resolutions.  It's just not a system I support.  (At least for New Year's, The rest of the year it's fine. Change… woo!)  But I've still managed to break one!  Because I was all, "OMG, after the holidays I'm SO gonna write more. I've got all these pictures to post and I'm gonna visit my blog peeps.  And OMG, computer, we can hang again and totally stay up all night  and it'll be so much fun!  I've missed you!  You're my BFF!!"  Fully expecting my computer to come back with, "OMG, I've missed you too!  Let's never stay apart again!  Hugs!!"

But you know what my computer actually said? It said nothing.

Or maybe it's trying to say something but it's so fucking slow I can't hear it.

I knew my computer was having issues but it wasn't until I walked into a Best Buy that I realized how slow it's gotten. In comparison to the new models my computer is basically a brick.

As we speak I'm typing on my son's netbook (he got it for christmas because we knew the other computer(s) were failing) because on MY computer I'm searching for a photo that someone asked for and it's taking a full five minutes for each folder to open out of My Pictures.  My email was taking up to 15 minutes to download email.  You know, if it didn't give up. Or lock and freeze.

So I'm getting a new computer.  Hopefully, today.  And I apologize for all the bitching.  The new year so far has been pretty good!  I'm actually hopeful!  And in a good mood!  Especially after I get a working machine. And my old makeup.

– wg