Our household seems to be trapped in the cold that won't die. Seriously, as soon as any of us starts to feel better it comes swooping in again, the bastard.  Without further ado, here is my attempt to catch up slightly on all things post.

HUGE props to everyone who went out today to protest the passing of Prop 8.  I couldn't make it due to, you know, illness, but in my heart I BELIEVE we will make California an equal rights state again.

At the same time, my heart goes out to everyone affected by the wildfires in southern California. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

A personal announcement (TMI warning)… as well as being sick our household also appears to be…

wait for it…

POTTY TRAINING FREE!!  WOOT!  That's right!  It seems the kid has finally decided to poop in the pot.  We actually stopped using pull-ups at night about a month ago.  He's been dry through the night for months but he still seemed to like the pull-ups for morning stealth poops.  Then (while he was sick ironically) he asked for just underwear at night and gradually he began pooping in the toilet every so often, and now he does it consistently!  He even got a big kid set of Legos to celebrate yesterday.  We're all very, very excited.  Especially me.  The poopy pants washer.  

Some belated Halloween photos (in honor of the little pooper).

"Why you telling everybody my personal bizness, mom?"

DSC03248 rotated

Kids and costumes.


Our cool decorations.  Yeah, I know it was over two weeks ago but I still like the job we did!  (Besides my old camera had died and then I got the new camera that week and basically Halloween was the first day I even used the new one and it's taken me this long to download the photos and (partially) read through the manual. You know?)


Here's a little something I'm just Totally Into Right Now.  I had to share.  Me and the kid both spontaneously bounce around the house singing, "Bound! Bound!" or "Hoo! Hoo!" respectively.  (Which just goes to show that dorkiness is hereditary.)

Love from the asylum,
the weirdgirl