Hi Everyone!  As you know, I've been writing on this blog for seven years.  And, as I think happens with a lot of people who start blogs, I thought I would get a lot of other projects done in that time, too. Then I thought, when Chance started school I would have more time to do other writing. However, in the two years he's been in school I really haven't gotten much done and that's two whole years!  I think one of the problems with blogs is that when you're a writer you generally feel compelled to write; it's like a burning itch – especially if you haven't written in a while – and you just need to get something out onto the page.  And what happens with a blog is you start feeling that way and you dash off a post and you feel a little better (even if the quality isn't very good) and the desire wanes.  (Yes, writing is like an addiction.)  That all kind of eats away at your energy for what else you might write, besides the time that writing a blog takes. 

So I've decided to take a hiatus from here for a few months. I've just started a novel and I want to concentrate on just that for a while.  This is really a giant experiment to see if I can get through writing a whole book.  And also to see what happens when I lighten up my tendency to overschedule myself!  Ha ha.  I know I have a tendency of getting very committed and I'm also constantly volunteering to help everyone else.  (Let's face it, I'm so busy I've been barely blogging as it is.)  I want to see what it's like to not feel like I HAVE to post, you know what I mean?  I think it's time I do something for me, and something that's bigger and harder.  I'm also reducing the hours I volunteer at school this year (or I'm gonna try) because I was there A LOT the last two years (besides picking up Chance for lunch, which we're changing this year).  I think having fewer commitments will force me to spend time writing.

And I've just announced here that I'm working on a book so feel free to pour on the pressure!  I need it!   

It took a long time before I was ready to let go of this blog.  I'm not planning on shutting it down permanently; I just need to take a break.  I'll still be on email and Facebook so you can find me there, and I'll still be doing Cougar Beat because that's pictures instead of writing.  I may still blog an update now and then, but no promises.

I'll see you in a few months.  Love you all!             – the weirdgirl