So this is the post I started last week:

It seems like every time we have a bout of rain around here our Internet goes down.  But not every day it rains… only the first day it rains.  I.e. five days of straight rain and our Internet will be up and down that first day, then it's fine.  Sort of like how everyone forgets how to drive on that first day of rain.  Even though winters here are mostly rain.  You'd think that would keep drivers fresh. 


I seem to have inadvertently addicted my child to cafes and tea houses.  Given the current state of the economy these are probably places I shouldn't even go

… aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

OK, it didn't really end with the written out scream but sometimes, with the number of posts I start and leave unfinished, I feel like they should.  All I need left is a few crashes of lightning, and the power going out just as someone knocks mysteriously at the door.  Of course, all of these posts are intended to be full of witty banter (can it be called banter if it's just one person?) and babbling insightful commentary. 

Anyway.  I have stuff to write.  No, really.  However, as I'm trying to organize my brain into some aspect of coherency (it is Monday, after all) I'm wondering if anyone's up for a little post improv?  Throw out some phrases, topics, suggestions, or questions (NEW!) and let's see what spills out of the nether creative regions.

            – the weirdgirl

P.S. If you'd like to know why I haven't been blogging feel free to direct letters of complaint to my boss, Wicked Taskmaster.