Today I showed Chance how to do a somersault.  He was balancing on his head, see, with his butt up in the air, watching TV upside down and all he needed was to push off a little for a somersault.  I'm actually trying to encourage him to do more fun, physical activities (other than jumping up and down on me and his father) as a great way to burn off and focus his energy.  So when I saw him balancing like that I thought, "Great!" and I proceeded to get on the floor and show him how it's done.

(I used to be all about the somersaults and the flips and running along the tops of fences, and even the oh-so-groovy jump, turn, and land on one foot while rolling on my roller skates, you know.)

I did two somersaults for him.  One.  Two.

Three hours later as I'm sitting with the heating pad across my back it sinks in…

Somersaults are for the young.

              – the weirdgirl