Me, lying in bed, groggy.  Chance bounces in and snuggles under the covers.

Me, mumbling: "Good morning, kiddo."

Chance: "MORNING!  I love you, Mommy!"

Me: "I love you, too. So… how are you feeling this morning?"

Chance: "Good!"

Me: "Really?  No stuffy nose?"

Chance: "Nope."

Silence and snuggling.

Me: "How does your throat feel?  Do you have a sore throat?"

Chance: "No, it feels good!"

More silence in a warm, warm bed.

Me: "How about your ears?  Are they kind of achy?"

Chance: "Nope! I feel good!"

Me, groaning.  Because I had all of those and somedays it's easier for everyone to be sick than to get up to drop Mr. Healthy McHealthy off at school. 


I shouldn't complain, though. I haven't been sick since Thanksgiving. I figure two months free in the middle of winter and surrounded by boogery kindergartners is a pretty good run, right?  *grumble*

              – the weirdgirl