I am still getting over this cold (and Sudafed doesn’t seem
to act well as a creative-enhancement drug) so I’m going with a tried and true
fallback – the weird searches post. 

You know a blog is a strange thing; you think you’re only
doling out small portions of the complexity of your rich and vibrant soul… and
then you find your efforts can be summed up with a few choice search
phrases. Hmmm. Anyone else feel trivialized? 

Anyhoo, I found these amusing. And hey, feel free to throw out your own
great lines/commentary/whatever to tack on to these searches. Let’s make this bitch really interactive! (Plus,
it sure beats waiting for the next time I need to blow my nose).

Peace out!  – wg 

picture of farting kitten – You
know on those questionnaires or job applications where they ask you to describe
yourself, I always, always bring up
farting kittens.

fury cat butt fridge magnet – I hate furious ass. Especially once it goes all commercial.

Adult swim Futureama commercial Why have a marathon, the
answer to make money
– Winner of the longest google search ever! (OK, I admit
it, I just liked this one because it had something to do with Futurama. Nerd.)

halloween costume ugly betty eyeglasses – Ooh, I so want to
score some of those! No, really.

where do\s advert tasty tasty very very tasty come from
Er…what? (If someone actually knows what
this refers to I’ll send you a prize… of …some sort.)

how to chag my adult diaperDude, I am sooo sorry!

spiderman potty’s… – In the woods? In a bar? What? 

breastfeeding movies for kids on any age and dont have to
– THE hip educational video for those lactating kids! (Though I’m thinking bandwidth issues might
be the least of their problems.)