Me and Keen are trying to get ready for the holidays.  And yes, we’re hosting dinner.  Sigh.  So look forward to the food and so dread everything else. This will be the first holiday we’re hosting with a child in the house.  I expect it should be… interesting.  A test of our flexibilities.  At least Thanksgiving is with Keen’s family.  They only get mad at each other and occasionally refuse to come at the last minute (more for me!).  My family always seems to drink too much and then decide it’s a good idea to try to eat with the fork stuck between their toes (ah, Christmas memories).   It makes clean-up a bit of a challenge.


In lieu of being witty (or not) I’m falling back on the old crutch of posting pictures.  (I know, I know, slacker.)  Dsc00780

We’re having an untraditional thanksgiving feast this year.  

Strangely, this turkey doesn’t look too worried. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Perhaps, I’ll have something more interesting to share after the holiday.  Take care!           

     – the weirdgirl