Man, I feel like crap. Earlier in the week I thought it was just a tad bit of heat
stroke/holiday burnout but now I think I might actually be fighting a sinus
infection. I hate allergies. 

This is going to sound like bad mommy whining but I am so glad Easter is over! And every other holiday for a while. (Upside/downside of preschool… your kid gets
to do something fun for every holiday/YOU have to celebrate EVERY holiday!) Chance’s birthday is over, everyone else’s
birthdays are over, tax season will be over very soon, and my schedule is
clear! We don’t even have a list of
projects on the calendar (except for making a baby and doing assessments for Chance). Of course, I am going back to work this week
but that’s minor compared to the recent marathon of events. I think the biggest plan we have for this
weekend is going to Pottery Barn. Woo! We’re looking at lamps! Woo hoo! I might even buy some bath towels! Woo HOO!

We did have some glorious weather for Easter.  Beautiful
sun the whole weekend (thus slight heat stroke). The result of all that gorgeous sunshine is
everything and its mother bloomed the fuck out of pollen like they were
throwing a benefit for famine-afflicted bees. And I, like a good a little potential breeder, have been avoiding taking
any allergy meds. (But I’m not

I do have some updates of the whole baby making process but
I think I’ll hold off on that until next time. For now, some pictures. I’m gonna
go take a nap.

Sugar high.    


Practicing for the future modeling career.


The cat who must be in every photo. (Also apparently practicing for a modeling career.)


Must… find… more… eggs.


OK, here’s the plan… eat as much chocolate as possible then torture parents with a hyperactive burst.  If we all run at once they won’t be able to catch us. 


Peace out.        – the weirdgirl