I've been pushing myself to get everything done THIS WEEK.  You know, so I can relax and "enjoy the holidays" next week.  But, big surprise, I've also been driving myself a bit crazy.  (Type A, you're not so good to me.)  I already know… I'm not going to get everything done this week.  So chill the hell out, bitch.

But still, that golden moment of having everything done by Sunday tops was beckoning and I just couldn't shake it.  The wrapping/crafting/card mailing/baking lot of it.  (I always save baking for last.  It's fresher and I like the sugar.)  I've been making way too many lists and envisioning… I don't know what… caroling or some Christmasy crap next week?  Hurling flaming yule logs at snowmen while the family laughs in glee?  I don't know!

So yeah, tizzies.  Then it occurred to me that the entire week after Christmas would be completely open with nothing to do.  I could read while noshing on fudge.  I could sit around in jammies all day and watch movies.  I could get the whole family to sit around in jammies.  Trust me, with this family that's not hard to do.   

So first, breathe.  Second, it's OK if I get one thing done on my list a day.  I mean, sure I'd like two or three things, but one is good.  That would leave me with X amount of days to complete X amount of items and that seems perfectly reasonable.  Of course, I'm avoiding counting my list in case I don't have enough days but whatever.

Third, and this is an important one, that fudge?  Any chocolate that comes through the doorway?  You TOTALLY deserve!

What's keeping you sane during the holidays?

                     – wg