I thought I would take a break and have a few fun posts about Halloween, but the truth is I (couldn’t) can’t stop thinking about politics.

I heard a radio ad for Prop 8 over the weekend that said, “They WILL teach gay marriage in schools.”

This is a lie. A flat out lie.

Sure, it could be a fear, an opinion, a conjecture on the part of the speakers (and they are entitled to their fears and opinions), but they state it as if it is a fact. In the course of this campaign I have seen misinformation, and slander, and sabotage in the name of “decency” and “morality”. None of these tactics are decent or moral. 
And the polls have narrowed because of these tactics.

The bible says, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

The proponents of Prop 8 are bearing false witness against the entire state of California.

It is really quite disheartening. To be so conscious of playing fairly and then have shit flung at you. It even makes me ashamed. As a Christian. Of our political process. Of hell’s glittering road and what people will do without realizing they are turning themselves into pavers. That’s always been my big turnoff about politics. Or maybe they do realize, and that is even more disheartening. I am not one that believes ends justifies means.

I have always thought of our state as a leader. We led in the civil rights movement. We led in change. We lead in innovation and creativity. And now we will… what? Go backwards? Create an unequal constitution? Fall prey to tyranny

I worry that we’re lacking in this country; lacking in a generosity of spirit.

I worry that I’m talking too much.

And that I’m not talking enough.

This proposition will directly affect people I love. You probably know people that this will affect, too. Tell me, if it was your friends and family… would you tell them they aren’t good enough? Would you let them become unequal citizens?

Vote No. Vote No. Vote No.            – wg