I’ve just gotten everything over to a new computer.  This process has taken me roughly a month to do (mainly because who has time with a one-year-old to load up software?).  Everything migrated pretty smoothly… until the end.  The final step, the thing I can’t live/work/play without… EMAIL!  Of course, I had problems with email.  First it wasn’t recognizing the profile I backed up (my brother fixed that – it’s good to have techie family), then I couldn’t receive email (on the phone with my provider), THEN that was fixed and I found out I couldn’t SEND email.  sigh  Please understand, I’m not completely useless technically.  I do work in high tech.  But I’m not very good with system level stuff.  Before I called my brother, my service provider, etc. I spent quite a bit of time reading how to migrate my mail app profiles online.  So, you see, I did TRY!  It’s just that a lot of that stuff is written for people who already kind of know what they’re doing.  You know?  And as my brother puts it, "You know that file they say not to edit?  Yeah, that’s the one you open."  Now how would I know that (let alone be brave enough to try)?

Anyways, mad thanks to my kid brother! You rock!  And you’re not a kid.  Anymore.  Sorry I keep calling you that.

I will miss my old computer, though.  Reliable, sweet-tempered, the only times I had to redo the system was when worms/viruses went through, poor thing.  She served me well.  But she was just getting on in age and I decided to retire her with honor.   

Not right away, however.  As I’ve just discovered that my address book didn’t transfer.  sigh  (I’ve been doing a lot of sighing lately.  Which only really helps to suck in more allergens.  I’m waiting for the next major computer disabler (is that a word?) to be called an "allergy".  As in, crap my computer just got hit with an allergy.  You know it’s coming.)

OK, so a couple of things and I’ll stop babbling.  Kara at Cape Buffalo has started a new bloggect for Father’s Day.  If you’re interested in joining up, pop on over and let her know, or just check out all the amazing bloggers who will be participating.  Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the Things They Don’t You in Lamaze list (I mean you new moms out there) please drop me a line.  I need some inspiration ’cause I’m kind of stuck.  Or maybe I’m just starting to forget.  One of those.

            – the weirdgirl