I hope everyone had a happy fourth.  For us it was a looong weekend.  We didn’t do a whole lot – we hit that concert, ran some errands, visited with family – but funny how parenthood turns what once used to be blissful weekends with plenty of time into long days that kind of wear you out.  Actually I don’t feel too worn out from this last weekend (ha ha! for once I win!) but the kid is certainly tuckered out.  He was so tuckered out by yesterday afternoon we didn’t even make it to fireworks.  (When a kid starts having a fit during his favorite relaxing bath time, with bubbles, you know he’s tired.)

So today we’re going to stay home.  Stay home and hide.  Not run any errands, not go to the park, just stay home.  It’s kind of cool to do that every once in a while.  It’s not a vacation or anything (hell, I still have plenty to do) but it is kind of a recharge.  Because I don’t know about the rest of you, but even though things are getting easier (oh, I make myself laugh!) as Chance gets older the rare day I don’t have to wrestle him into a pair of shoes to take a ten-minute trip to the store (that then turns into an hour) is, frankly, a little bit of relief. 

I suspect Keen thinks me and the kid just stay home day in and day out most of the time.  He never says that, but occasionally he makes the odd comment of “Let’s go do something; get the kid out of the house.”  This always brings to my mind a vision of us on some prairie, with a little house and me in an apron… in the kitchen, the kid clutching my leg as I blissfully scrub laundry or make soap or some such crap… content (or resigned) not to see anyone for days.

Trust me, this ain’t happening.  Between playgroup events, regular errands, and keeping grandparents appeased sometimes I’m hard pressed to find a full free day to actually, you know, work or something… where I get paid.  (And, as some of you may know, working at home with a child is like another whole workout.)  I’m actually hard pressed to find a full free day to get any one project done, without adding child-wrangling-a-kid-out-the-door on top of it.

(Shoot. You think the kid is tuckered?  I’m just in continual denial.)

So, yup, today we’re hiding.  *twiddles fingers, cackles with glee*  For the good of the child, he’s getting a rest day. 

Maybe later we’ll go out into the backyard.  Maybe.             – the weirdgirl