I have been in firm and righteous denial for the past few days but… I think I'm getting sick.  Or maybe I'm already sick.  Denial is so damn dark it's hard to tell.  (Like a really smoky club when you're a bit buzzed and you wander into the bathroom but it turns out not to be the bathroom but you've already… um… nevermind.)

Anyway, I hate posting/whining I'm sick.  It is winter.  Duh.  And it's all so terribly banal.  (That's a fancy word I learned on Sesame Street. They were starting with the "buh" sound followed by the rest of the word.  It didn't end well.)  After blogging for 4 1/2 years now I kind of feel like I've done the sick blog thing.  I mean, that's so last flu season.  

Oh!  So I decided to buy a new razor (yeah, I'm talking about razors now) because I've been a disposable girl for years and those have worked fine, but I don't like the idea of filling up the landfills any more than necessary.  So I check out all the fancy-schmancy razors (but not the chick ones 'cause they're all pink and  shaped weird and seem to be surrounded by vulva. I don't care how moisturizing it may be I'm not shaving with vulva on a stick) and I pick one with the name Mach in it.  Like a jet!  And how did I not know that the science behind razors had come so far? because, sure enough, this sucker glides across my legs sleek and fast and with nary a nick!  It put those disposables to shame.  I was so impressed I started making this "br-br-br-br-rrrr" sound as it's flying along, but then I realized I sounded more like a car.  So I stopped.  Because making car sounds while shaving would be ridiculous.

OK, I just re-read all that and I think my brain is broken.

              – wg