Yeah, baby, just like that.


We arrived home Thursday night to an abundance of tomatoes.  Bruschetta anyone?  Me and the kiddo also seemed to be fighting off some sort of summer cold.  Hopefully those tomatoes have a lot of vitamin C.

We had a nice trip and a good week (in the world of toddler behavioralism) and I have some fun photos to post.  And then yesterday, at a family party, a full-blown tantrum came crashing down.  Oy.  I am going to become one of those mothers that starts to beg off get-togethers because of "too much activity."  "Sorry, a bit overwhelming," and "It's been a long week already, don't think he's up for it," and everyone will shake their heads and deem me "overprotective" or maybe even one of those "goofy mothers" and say things like, "He'll have to get used to loud places eventually."  And you know what?  I won't care one whit.  I will be the goofy parent.  Because it's a sight better than disattaching two howling toddler cousins.

And I must remember to squeeze my boy more.  It's calming for him.

See, 'cause I had a little niggling feeling yesterday that the party was a bad idea.  Listen to your colds, people.  (Don't call them "allergies".)  Listen to the tomatoes. 

(I will post pics when I'm not so fuzzy headed.)          – the weirdgirl