Even though this is my absolute favorite holiday, I don’t think I quite have the energy or the time left this year to think up a brand new Halloween costume.  Of course, it could be argued that I’m too old for a costume anyway not having the, ahem, excuse of a party to go to or anything but I don’t care!  I’m taking my son trick or treating and… um… I just like to dress up, OK?

Chance, by the way, is going as a green dragon/dinosaur (we weren’t sure what it was exactly) and yes, it’s both cute AND apropos.

Usually I enjoy thinking up new costumes, trolling through the thrift and vintage stores, maybe even pulling out the dreaded sewing machine (so much pain! – no, really, I suck at sewing… it’s why I shop), but I’ve left everything late this year so I’ll put it to your vote.  Which of the following previous-year costumes do you think I should be?

Bee – I dressed up as a bee the Halloween I was pregnant.  I was going for a “birds and the bees” theme even though I don’t know if I was pregnant enough to really pull it off.  I probably looked more like beer belly bee.  (If I had been REALLY pregnant I would have dressed up as knocked-up angel.  Hee hee.  I still think that’s funny.)  Oh, and before you get the wrong idea I did not dress in the slutty bee costume they have in the stores.  It was more like the little girl in the No Rain video.  (I’m not a big fan of the trampy costumes.  I mean, it’s October and it’s cold out.  Hello?)

Superhero – Keen likes this one because I wear a miniskirt and knee-high platform boots. Go figure.  (Er… what did I just say about trampy?)

Witch – Because I just like witches. I have been a witch many times.  But you’ve got to do a little something special to every witch costume.  And I’m not talking slutty witch or even extra-slutty witch. I’m thinking more like CEO witch or witch doctor (you know, black scrubs and a hat?) or… something.

Dominant Lactating Mommy – This is the only new idea and it would be accomplished by wearing my waterbra, lots of black, and a sneering expression. (Actually, that sounds kind of boring. No… actually, it sounds kind of familiar… I’ve seen this look at the mall!)  Of course, this would give me an excuse to buy a whip. I’ve always wanted a whip.

So there you go campers.  What do you think?  Vote for your favorite expression of my inability to grow up today!           – the weirdgirl