Chance:  "Hey Mom!  I POOOOPED!"
Me:  "OK, hold on."  ('Cause yeah, I'm still wiping butts around here.)
Chance:  "Mommy, my tummy hurts."
Me:  "Oh?  Did it hurt while you were pooping or does it hurt now?"
Chance:  "It hurts when I go to bed."
Me:  "It hurts when you go to bed?"
Chance:  "Yeah, because sleeping is boring."
Me:  "Uh-huh. Well you still have to go to sleep."

Someone still hasn't switched over from his vacation schedule (or lack thereof) to his regular schedule.

More on the vacation later (I'm still recovering as well), but for now I wanted to share a great project. The T21 Traveling Afghan project is a blanket that is traveling from one family to another who has a family member with Down Syndrome.  Its a great idea and I hope you all will read about it more, pass on the info, and/or participate! 
              – wg