OK, I meant to post this morning and the day got away from me.  And I mean, the entire day ‘cause it’s only like 11:00ish pm now.

So, part of my “day-got-away-from-me” time included getting stuck in traffic. Creepy-crawly kind of traffic.  Being at home most of the time, I had forgotten about this particular experience.  So, of course, the only thing you can do is crank up the radio really loud (the baby wasn’t with me) and sing really loud and dance in your car.  I haven’t done this in a long time.  It was fun.  I’m sure people were amused.   

It started me reminiscing about music.  Well, that and all the other blogs have been kind of music-centric lately AND we scored tickets to a Depeche Mode concert for this Friday AND because we scored tickets I realized how much I miss music*, especially live music.  This will be the first live music I’ve seen in a year.  I used to never go that long between music fixes.

I’m having a bit of a mind-warp about Depeche Mode (that’s where your brain is twisting around and you’re having mixed emotions but you really can’t untangle anything to figure out why… or maybe it’s just too fucking late in the evening).  It’s a little weird going to see Depeche Mode 20 frickin years after I first heard them.  Of course, I want to see them because they are one of the bands I never got to see and I do love their stuff.  But it’s still… hmm, I don’t know what it is.  As I said, mind-warp.

I think the strangest thing to me is, I understand that alternative rock (they don’t call it that anymore, do they?) is like TOP 40 now, but when I was listening to this stuff the other kids made fun of me.  “You like REM?!  Eww,” looks of disgust, rolling eyes, “What’s wrong with you? Why not REO Speedwagon?  You know… something good?”  I kid you not.  Back in the day, it was patently uncool to be mod (unless you were an actual punk-rocker, then everyone was too scared to say anything).  Or maybe those were just the jerks I hung out with. 

One of my favorite things about getting older?  (I mean, besides escaping high school and NEVER having to go back? Ha HA!)  Expanding horizons = great fucking music.  It just always keeps coming, or you get to discover old stuff that’s new to you.  My parents raised me on folk music, bluegrass, classic rock, and classical (disco was not allowed).  I was a total mod/alternative kid by my own choice as a teenager.  Then Keen Dad reintroduced me to classic rock, and I found the Blues on my own.  So even though I feel lately like I’ve been neglecting my music-fed soul, I kind of feel like I have good resources to pass on to the kid.  I hope he enjoys it, too (and doesn’t just think I’m a big dork).           – the weirdgirl

*Side Note – It’s not as though I can’t listen to music at home, it’s just one of those things that gets pushed down the priority list; because, let’s face it, sometimes digging through the CDs takes time and I don’t always have a lot of time.  But I think that’s going to change.  I’m really sick of Laurie Berkner (the fact that her songs get stuck in my head, doesn’t help either).