Have I been living in a bubble?  I know that alternative rock doesn’t get the same kind of play on the radio that other music genres do (we have one station in our area that plays alternative) but for the American Idol judges, who work in the music industry, to not even have heard of 311 seems a little bizarre to me.  Alternative rock consistently shows up in commercials and movies and, I thought, had become mainstream enough to not really be "alternative" anymore (like, since the 90s).  Am I wrong?   To date I’ve recognized every song that Blake has sung (and been very pleased to hear music that I like).  Paula and Randy keep labeling him as hip hop because he does beat box.  (WTF?  Hello?  You can cross genres!)  So which of us is living in the bubble?… because clearly someone has made themselves good and comfy and painted over the see-through walls.  (And if it’s me in denial at how small alternative still is, someone please let me know!)

Other observations from tonight’s American Idol…

Chris Sligh is officially my favorite of the guys.  (But, you know the girls are kicking ass.)

Jared Cotter reminds me of a taller Carlton.

I just want to grab Chris Richardson and make him shave.

AJ should never have been kicked off.

(My secret dream is that someone, some time, will sing It’s the End of the World as We Know It just once on American Idol.  That would make my day.)            – wg