The scene: Chance, Keen and I are all camped in the living
room, still waking up for the day. Chance is mesmerized by Mickey
Mouse Clubhouse
(and so, apparently, is Keen).

Keen: “Shut up, Daisy!” 

Me, looking up from whatever I’m reading: “Um… a little angry there, honey?”

Keen: “That Daisy is
a bitch!” 

Me, considering the TV thoughtfully: “Hmmm, I would have called
her ‘high maintenance’ more than a bitch.”

Keen: “No, she’s a
bitch! I feel sorry for Donald.” 

Me: “She is a little bossy.”

Keen: “Yeah!”

Me: “But… if you
consider her high maintenance I’d think you’d have to call Minnie high
maintenance, too. Look, they’re both
wearing the fancy heels, high-end dresses, have manicured nails… hey, how does
a duck get a manicure?”

Keen: “Minnie is
wearing gloves.”

Me: “Whatever. Anyway, my point being, I think there is more
than one high-maintenance chick in that clubhouse.”Daisy_duck_2

Keen: “No way, Minnie
doesn’t have the snooty expression that Daisy does. You can just tell… Daisy is a bitch.”

It’s SO sad when actors go bad; all that life of privilege
rampant cosmetic surgery. Let’s hope
Daisy checks into rehab soon. 

(Yet another fine example of the stirring intellectual
debates that run rampant in our household.) – the weirdgirl