Me and the kiddo are flying solo. (Mucho respect to all the single parents out
there.) Keen has been in Vegas for
training since Tuesday. I know it’s
pretty boring for him but it’s still Vegas. Business trips in fun places definitely have their perks.   

We really need to plan out a family vacation. (And maybe, just maybe, a night away for me
and Keen.)

Did you know that the first thing my OB asked when I went in for fertility questions was, “Can you go on vacation
soon?” It’s the whole “relaxed people
get knocked up” technique.

I’ve been working hard at trying to reduce stress in my life
overall. But the fact is since Chance
was red-flagged
at school I’ve been anxious.  Not all the
time but basically every time I dive into research or start reading through all
the government articles or have to make another phone call to another
organization. A lot of people have been
very nice. Some people have also given
me the brush off.  And I just feel that
deep-down, knee-jerk parental reaction of “leave my kid alone”. While wanting help, of course. (Just help without judgment ever touching my
child’s awareness.)

I’m going to have to fight for everything. Chance is not developmentally slow so
assessments are not automatic, but requested. And damn, if these organizations aren’t good
at pointing you to the other organization. It’s hard to stay relaxed when you feel the fight in front of you.

(Absurdly, I can stay cheerful. Or maybe it’s just mania.)

So any tips for a quiet Mother’s Day?        – wg