On my couch.  And it feels soooooooo good!  Yeah, most of the gals (and some guys) are still partying it up over at BlogHer; maybe doing an after-reception party or dinner, or just trying to recuperate in their hotel room.  But me?  I am cushing in my sweet old butt groove.  (Yeah, I just made up the word “cushing”.)

There’s a point where you want to meet EVERYONE at BlogHer and “make the most of” the experience and do everything that you can.  But there is also a point where you are just done for the day.  (Love you all still!   Smooches!)  And regardless that last year it was great for me to get away on that first alone trip to do my own thing… this year, it felt great to just get in my car and go home!

Oh, the loving embrace of my couch!  How tenderly the remote snuggles in my palm!

I know you BlogHers are all secretly jealous.

Anyway, I’m back.  Lots to process, interesting sessions, cool people, blah blah blah.  More on that later.  Right now I’m busy being comfy.            – wg