We had a really nice Halloween, with people over, lots (and LOTS) of trick or treaters (there went my extra chocolate stash – I blame it on the balmy weather and Halloween being on a Saturday this year), and a general feeling of an unnecessary holiday well-played.  I hope yours was just as enjoyable.  However, we ended it all with a case of the sniffles, so Chance and I are sitting here, each on a laptop in our nerdy little household, he working his way through every single activity on PBSkids, NickJr, and Preschool Disney combined, and me with entirely too much time to look up lemon cookie recipes and cryptozoology.

Did you know that you don't need an actual degree to be a cryptozoologist?  I thought it was a specialized field at a few select universities. Some interdisciplinary study of paleontology, zoology, and ancient myths or something, but no.  ANYONE can say they're a cryptozoologist.  This is total legitimization for my monster hunting crew.   

And have I mentioned that I'm unemployed now?  I'm just saying.

As well as Chance and I being a little under the weather, my car is in the shop, and my damn computer is acting really, really slow.  So we are trapped here, see?  Trapped!  (Which is probably what you're thinking as your finger hovers over the back button.)  Hey look, pictures!

My son, Luke Skywalker, fending off attack by butterfly.


The ghost of a prairie woman that decided to inhabit our "graveyard" shortly after we put it up.  It must have reminded her of the good old days.  This particular ghost looks an awful lot like my mother.  I told you I'd call soon, Mom!

DSC04237 rotated

Another awesome cake.  Which I'm still munching through.  Um… anyone want to come get some cake?


And as a (mad)cap to the whole hectic weekend we got a commendation by our city for our house's Halloween decorations.  It was quite ceremoniously presented by being dropped off on our stoop (eyewitnesses report a black van racing off), and signed by our district's city councilman. 

Keen, Chance and I were all quite pleased by the honor.  Although I have no idea what to do with it now.  Frame it?  File it?  It would probably look quite nice in an album with this year's costume pictures… but we all know I'm scrapbook-challenged. 

Oh well.  I'll stick with my core competencies.  Off to make cookies!

             – the weirdgirl and her scary, snotty family