I've been offline so much I don't know what to write.  (I probably don't tell you this often enough but you internets inspire me.)  Last week was one of preoccupation.  I think this week will be marginally better.  I think.  I keep feeling there's something I'm forgetting.

But then, there's always something I'm forgetting.

Down the list… my grandfather has been moved out of the ICU!  Yay!  There are still some issues but no ICU is great.  (Because no gnews is good gnews.)  I have not heard how his kidneys are doing but please pray for no further complications.  

Chance's birthday party was on Saturday.  It was a Mario Bros/snake theme this year.  Speaking of scatter-brained, somehow I managed to take a whole series of photos upside down.  As in, I must have been holding the camera upside down!!  And still clicking.

Anyway, when I say snakes I do mean snakes.



This one particular snake tried making off with my glasses. Yeah, I'm a fashion icon.


And another kick ass cake. With raspberry chocolate frosting!  Yum!


Shit! How did I DO that?!

 008 flipped

That's better. Albeit a bit blurry. 

There's a metaphor in there somewhere.             – wg