I promise not to discuss anything fecal today. *cough*



I’m having some difficulties getting the creative sparks
flying this morning. Chance has woken up
at 6:00 am the last couple of days. I
find this patently cruel and charge the universe with the persecution of a
poor, undeserving-of-such-foul-treatment mother. True, Keen was the one to get up with Chance
over the weekend. But as he is one of
those crazy people who get up that early anyways, I don’t think he has felt the
weight of such an unfair turn of events as heavily as I. (whimper)  To be fair, I’m not sure anyone in this
household is getting really good sleep at the moment. Is it just me or does it seem like this cold
season WILL NOT END?!

All coughing, sneezing, and interrupted sleep cycles aside
I’ve got a touch of post-block. So time
to mine the fruitful soils (snicker) of my audience (all two of you who haven’t
been chased away by all the poop). Someone out there, throw me a line, a phrase, a subject topic… and we’ll
see what sticks. (I’m sorry, I’m sorry!)

*Scooby snacks! – wg


*In weirdgirl speak this means “thanks”. See it evolved like this: the typo of thanks
is “thnaks” (which I used to type all the time) which makes me think of
“snacks” which turned into “Scooby snacks” when I want to say thanks. So there you go. Not that I’ve actually used this in
conversation out loud, but I use it in my head all the time!