I’ve been feeling like I’m in job limbo lately. Because I
work from home I have long periods where I don’t hear from
anyone and just communicate via email while working on projects.  Fortunately, I am very much a self-starter so
I can maintain work loads even without hearing from people, and I talk with
vendors quite a bit on the projects I’m managing (so, you know, I don’t become
one of those nutters from lack of communication with the outside world). However, there is still a point where I will simply
run out of work if no new projects come my way. Recently there has been a longer-than-usual silence on my managers’ end,
by phone or email. To the point where I
start to wonder… do I still have a job?

So yesterday at 5:30pm I received an email asking if I could
come into work today. I don’t know if
any other SAH/WAH parents experience this… it seems to be the dual phenomenon
of “out of sight, out of mind” seesawed with a “you have kids?”
forgetfulness. Luckily, Chance usually
has a standing visit with his grandma on Thursdays but I’m never sure if my
coworkers remember that or they just expect me to drop everything and come
running. (Of course, it’s not like the Pavlovian
paycheck isn’t beckoning.)   I’m lucky to have both sets of grandparents nearby,
but I still can’t impose on them willy nilly, and I can’t imagine how other WAH
parents without family near have to deal with the last minute summons.  And the usual catch 22 is that by the time I
find, secure, and then pay for daycare all the money I’ve earned is gone. I’ve asked in the past for a three day notice
and other times I’ve just told them I couldn’t come in (and to be fair not
everyone I work with does this – my original manager is great). The thing I don’t get is that a lot of my
coworkers are parents, too, and some of them are pretty mellow about the
life/work balance thing… so does a 5:30 in the evening request for the next day
sound reasonable or even doable for most at home parents? I’d love to hear other SAH/WAH parents’ experiences
with their work situation.  –