Hands down, the best thing about school winter break?  I don't have to drive anywhere!  And that is a HELL to the YEAH!  Sure, there's the Christmas stuff to finish but there is no rule saying I have to do any of it first thing in the morning.  In fact, I'm pretty sure leisurely mornings are a requirement for true holiday spirit.  Like when you don't get enough sleep your skin starts turning green and suddenly a dog appears wearing a stick on his head and trying to please you way too hard. That happened one year. That poor dog had mange.

Right at this moment, my son is downstairs being extra quiet!  Watching a cartoon he knows he's not supposed to be watching.  (We've temporarily banned any fighting-rich cartoons.)  But I'm gonna let it slide because 1) I didn't catch him in time and 2) I not only got to sleep in today but now I can get dressed in private.

I feel a Christmas carol coming on!

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