So Chance went to his first rock concert today – Violent Femmes (which is why we went) and a slew of other groups at an outside arena.  It was close enough to our house we could come and go as the day demanded, and of course, scope out just how loud it was going to get.  (No matter how much I like a group I’m not risking his hearing.  And we still sat plenty far back from the stage.) 

Chance had fun.  He seemed to like most of the music and “danced” a bit, and occasionally would make for the stage when there was a song he particularly liked.  But mainly he tore around the grass and flirted with people.  (Is it just me or is there something really cute about a 1-year-old flirting with random punks and goths?)  And since the concert was also part of the upcoming 4th of July festival, there was lots for him to see and explore.

But the best part for him?  The planes.  The concert meadow was right below the flight path of the local airport.  The planes passed over really low about every ten to fifteen minutes, including those huge FedEx cargo dealies.

He was in heaven.               – wg