So we went to the beach yesterday and we forgot the sunscreen. And it wasn't terribly hot, it was a perfect balmy warm spring day so we rolled up our jeans and took off the sweaters to bask t-shirted arms in the sun. Have I mentioned before that I am fair?  My arms and my shins are now bright red. Keen's face is toasty and his arms got it too. Chance is just fine since he insisted on leaving his jeans unrolled and his long sleeves down until the very end when he got soaked by waves and then changed clothes.  Smart little bugger.

I have not had a sunburn in years. I kind of forgot, or maybe I'm just getting old, that they are pretty crappy and they don't even show up for a while. So first there was the slightly warm skin, then unexpected chills, then the very hot skin and maybe a fever and look in the mirror several hours after getting home to see that I've been cooked. This morning after waking up late, falling back asleep and waking up even later, I remember thinking in that still groggy state, "Damn, you lazy bitch, why are you so tired, why do you feel yucky, and what the hell did you do last night?!"  But it wasn't anything interesting.  It was a goddamn sunburn that kept waking me up all night.

The amazing part is that I forgot the sunscreen!  I mean, I think it's a requirement that hospitals permanently glue a bottle of SPF 50 to your hand as soon as you have a baby.  I just assumed it was still there.  It must of fell off sometime, probably when my kid was growing up while I wasn't looking. 

Because he obviously has more sense now than me or Keen.                   – wg