The most recent…

While my son is pretending to be a cat, I play with him WITH
the cat toy. (He wants me to!) Then do the
same while he is pretending to be a bunny.  (Apparently, bunnies like cat toys, too.)

Sing, very loudly, to the tune of Yo Gabba Gabba’s, “I like
fish” song… “I-I-I like POOP! I LIKE
poop! I-I-I like POOP! I LIKE poop! What’s that? That’s a boat! What’s that? That’s a boat! It’s floating in
the POTTY!” Usually this concert goes on
while there is poop somewhere in close proximity.  Poop always makes me break out in song.  (BTW, we’ve told him poops can be either
“boats” or “submarines”. For… um… obvious reasons.  It was supposed
to get him interested with the potty training!)

Cluck (as in chicken) the bass line to Smoke on the Water. And not just the word, “cluck,” but full on
clucking sounds. Chance thinks this is
hilarious. I think it might be because
I’m inadvertently channeling a chicken impression while I’m clucking. (No, I’m not gonna tape it for you.)

Since he enjoys all of the above so much, I don’t think it’ll come up in his future
therapy. Right?

What ridiculous things have you caught yourself doing?

– the