My son has fallen off of something THREE times now!  Twice he has fallen off the couch and once from the bed.   I know, I know, it happens to all parents and is going to happen many more times.  Still I feel like the WORST MOTHER EVER.  Now the first two times he really only scared the crap out of himself (and me!!). The third time he also clunked his head against the floor… should I just kill myself now?


The trouble is the baby is almost crawling.  It’s really more of an army man scooch right now.  And I haven’t managed to clock how fast he really is.  It seems like every time I watch him his scooching is an ineffective wiggle that goes nowhere.  But as soon as I turn away, ever for a second, when I look back he’s moved like five feet!  It is seriously freaky.  Like he has vampire reflexes or the way that chick from The Ring moved.  If the baby was trailing water behind him I would be shitting my pants. 

I’ve been told that babies have an instinctive fear of heights.  I have seen no evidence to support this theory.  All I know is that the baby senses his mobility and finds the need to test it everywhere… gleefully, even… until he hits his head.

No lump though, thank god.  (It was more a fast slide down the comforter, than a true fall.  Not that it stopped my heart attack.)  That would be more accusation than I need.  I’ve already got hubby crooning to the baby, “Did the mom let you fall? Yeah, she let you fall, didn’t she?”   

Statistically, I think the hubby needs more alone time with the baby.  I’d really like to even the parent-to-mishap ratio here.             the weirdgirl