Like one of those annoying telephone surveys that obviously
is just political propaganda disguised. 
But I promise, no politics!  I
just have some questions/requests/etc. 

(I’ll get around to that wholesome family-oriented post
sometime.  We did have a cool
neighborhood parade going on for the 4th.  Pictures!)

Question/Request #1

I’ve been thinking about doing more of the posts I do when
I’m stuck, the word improv ones like this
and this.  People throw out a few words and I make
something up.  Except I might just throw
out random fiction every once in a while. 
Or make it a regular feature, I don’t know.  What do you all think about that?  Because here’s the thing… I enjoy doing them,
it gives me a creative and emotional boost, but I can’t always tell how they’re
received.  Are they actually
entertaining, or just confusing?

(Of course, I also don’t want a scandal
from anyone tweeting that I’m copying other creative individuals who
are already writing creative pieces
and who are infinitely more popular than I am (I mean, isn’t everybody?).  You know how those popular people are.  Though, for the record, me blog you long
time.)  (If you missed that whole
scandal… nay, if you don’t even care
about that scandal, beyond rolling your eyes… welcome to my world.)

What was I saying?  Oh
yeah, so if you could give me a vote in the comments of “YES – I want more
creativity!”, or “NO – prop 77 sucks,” or even “You are a weirdo,” that would
be super duper cool, thanks. 

Question/Request #2

I would also like to ask for some delurking.  I’m getting a
bunch of hits but I don’t know from whom. 
Can you stop and say hi?  
Curiosity is killing me.  And
since we’re getting more warnings of record heat and unhealthy air coming from
the wildfires, I should have plenty of time while locked indoors to visit you
all back.     

Question/Request #3

Oh, and anyone going to BlogHer?!

          – the weird
(desperate) girl