Last weekend I threw a baby shower for some very good
friends of mine. (I’ve been meaning to
blog about this all week. Hee hee!) So
my friend Winnie really detests baby showers. She hates the stupid games. She
hates the hours of unwrapping gifts punctuated with a million, “Awww!”s. She kind of hates the whole she-bang. (Which I find ironic considering she has a pug blog. I keep waiting for the day she designs her
own LOLpugs.) Winnie is the kind of gal
to buy you an extra nice gift so she can get out of going to your horrid baby

She also has a great, quirky sense of humor.   (yay!)

Of course, I jumped at the chance of throwing her a shower.  (Not that that’s a big stretch since I’m the
unofficial event organizer of our group.) Winnie had some requests/ideas to make the shower less traditional,
including, 1) coed (which we did); 2) no games (ditto – I think a lot of them
are dumb, too); 3) pancake restaurant (rocking!); and 4) placenta recipe cards
as part of the favors!  (Um, me and her
other friend nixed that one.  Although
potentially hilarious (because it was that kind of group), her mom was going to
be there.)

But in that spirit these developed… 



Yes, that is a baby in womb-like jello (mucho thanks to
Penny!). Peach jello to be exact. Cherry and Strawberry were a tad too
graphic. And I heard the peach jello was
quite delicious, as folks dug into them after our meal. Here’s a closer look (because I know you want


We also put together a baby survival kit (which included
booze, of course) and had a lot of fun with graphics of sausage and waffles
(she’s having a boy). So how did my
friend Winnie, hater-of-showers, react to the end result?

Quote:  “That was the least
insufferable shower I’ve ever been to!”

Rock on!           – the weirdgirl