So I was contacted a couple of months ago with the classic
free product for review offer, and since
I was actually interested in using this product, and even had started looking
at what was out there prior to the email, I said yes. This is my review of Pampers Feel ‘N Learn Training Pants. Duh duh duh DA!Photo_15_2

As you all know I have been potty training. (Oh, the highs! The lows!) I’d always planned on using some type of pull-up when we potty trained,
mainly for sleeping and going out (for Chance’s benefit we call them the
“special big boy underpants for sleepytime”, btw), because regardless of how
“potty-trained” a kid is, in the beginning if he gets really excited there are
going to be accidents. (Case in point,
the birthday party we attended this week – Chance was not stopping for a potty
break for nothing. His pull-ups were full.) Plus, I was interested to see if Chance would actually “feel” wet in the
new style of pull-ups, and if that would help the learning process.

Well, we had some progress and then we had some
regression. Chance did tell me that he
was “wet” the first few times he wore the Pampers Feel N’ Learns. I could see he felt the difference. But as soon as he figured out that the
pull-ups wouldn’t leak through to his pants… he stopped telling me. Doh!

Overall, though, the absorbency is good. One night the Pampers leaked, but that was
also in the early stages of the training when I was forcing extra liquids down
Chance at every opportunity. Given the
ridiculous amount of fruit juice he was getting, I’m pretty sure his regular
diapers would have leaked, too.

Along with the Pampers Feel N’ Learns I also got a pack of
Kandoo Flushable Wipes. I was pretty excited about these, because they’re all
about letting the kid wipe himself, and I just think it’s a cool way to get
them more involved. The wipes are
flushable (yes!) and really soft. But I
did think they were a little hard to pull out of the package, especially for a
kid (of course, I didn’t have the special case they come with, but still). And I really wish they were bigger
squares. That is totally my selfish
perspective, though, because I just wanted more to clean up with on the poop

Otherwise, I loved the way the Pampers pull-ups fit. We ran through the Feel N’ Learns pretty
quickly (that first week Chance had a LOT of
accidents), so I sent Keen out to buy some more. He came back with Huggies pull-ups. Right off the bat I noticed that the Huggies
cut was slightly different and didn’t fit Chance as well, and they were a
little more awkward to get on. I’m not
sure he found them as comfortable either (but I could be projecting). Functionality seemed about the same, but I’m
going to stick with the Pampers. (Sorry

Two other things about this whole experience stood out for
me. First, Pampers has a really fun,
interactive Potty
Land site
for kids learning to potty train, with Dora, Diego, and SpiderMan. Very cool.  The second? The ladies running this marketing program who were my initial and follow-up
contacts, Andrea and Victoria, were both nice and informed about my site. Kudos ladies!

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