Keen and I are having a bit of a disagreement. I need your help, bloggers… which has the
better ending? Rocky or Rudy? 

I don’t even know how this subject came up. Oh… wait a
minute, that’s right… we were watching the end of Rudy when Keen breaks out

“This is good, but it’s not Rocky.”

World screeches to a halt.

Me: “WHAT?! No way!”

Keen: “I’m just saying, as a feel good movie, Rocky has the
better ending.”

Me: “How can you say
that? This is RUDY! His dad finally comes to the game! This is the
feel good movie!”

Keen: “Yeah, but
Rocky, the guy goes all rounds with Apollo and all he wants is the woman he loves!”

Me:  "ADRIAN!  Yeah, but the end of Rudy makes me cry.  Rocky doesn’t make me cry."

Keen:  "Are you kidding?!"

Me:  "OK, maybe a little misty-eyed."

Keen, continuing: “I
mean, I would put Rudy on the same level as Hoosiers…”

Me: “Pshh! OK, if you
go there then The Natural has
them all beat…”

So, as you can see, stirring arguments on both sides. What do you think, blogworld? Vote for your favorite!

        – the weirdgirl

(P.S. Ironically, as a
, I like boxing much better than football.)