[Doorbell rings]

Friend: Hey, want to go lunch? I know this is short notice but I was in the neighborhood between meetings.

Me: Oh god, yes!  Lunch out and human contact? Sweet!

Friend: We gotta make it fast, though, I've only got 45 minutes.

Me: OK, let me grab my shoes… oh… wait… I've got to water the plants.

Friend: What?

Me: The plants. I've got to water them.  It's on my To Do list.

Friend: You can't do it later?

Me: But I've already made a checkmark!

Friend:  . . .

Me: Saying I did it. Because I was just about to!

Friend: . . .


Friend: Ok, you've got five minutes.


*Actually, I'll never really become a cat lady (too much) because I've seen that show Animal Hoarding and it scares me. It scares me bad.